Quality Manager

Number of hiring: 1 people

Work Location:Changzhou
Work requirements:

1, 30 to 50 years of age;
2, engaged in quality management for more than three years of work experience, production site management experience, familiar with ISO9001, ISO16949, ISO13485 requirements priority;
3, with some quality control experience;
4, have the ability to leadership, teamwork, organizational skills, supervision and problem solving.
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for the company's quality policy, quality objectives and implement, improve the company's quality management.
2, Responsible for formulating and implementing various quality management systems of the Company, and implementing and promoting various quality management activities of the Company.
3, organize and coordinate the certification of the company's products, responsible for the assessment of raw material suppliers.
4, Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the quality standards for incoming products, finished products and testing procedures, supervise and guide all quality inspection work.
5, responsible for handling quality anomalies, assist in handling customer complaints and returns survey, analysis of causes, and to develop improvement measures.
6, responsible for quality management information collection, transmission, response, and quality cost analysis and control.
7, Responsible for the organization of the control of nonconforming products, the development of unqualified prevention and corrective measures, and to supervise the implementation.
8, responsible for testing instruments, measuring tools, laboratory equipment management.
9, Responsible for supervision, check quality records, organize and analyze management data.
10, responsible for testing the quality of personnel training and inspection work essentials training.

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